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Trevor Salzwedel Runs Modderfontein to Harties Long Run (90km) to Raise Funds for CANSA

Trevor Salzwedel

I started running fairly recently as I find it stress relieving and it provides me with a sense of calm. I started by running 5km every Saturday morning with my beautiful Great Dane. We were quite famous around Gauteng as you never quite see a massive dog running in front of the pack!

I decided to run my first Comrades marathon in 2019 but I had never run a race in my life. I joined the Greenstone Hill Running Club (GHRC) in January 2019 and started running. I entered and completed my first Comrades marathon in a Bill Rowan time. 2020 Comrades was cancelled due to COVID and again this year, in 2021.

This isn’t going to stop me as when I finished my first Comrades run in under 9 hours, I said that I would love to start training for a silver medal time, and so I have.

A few years back, my uncle as well as my aunt, were diagnosed with cancer.

They both went for the needed treatment and body parts were removed. My aunt made a full recovery as well as my uncle.

In the recent months, my uncle started having the same symptoms as before and he knew what it was. He made a promise to himself that he would not go through that treatment again and this time round, refused to seek medical attention. As the months passed, he slowly deteriorated and on the 9th May 2021, he passed while surround by his loved ones in his home.

It was his wife, my aunt, that said that we should not buy flowers and other trinkets but rather donate to the organisation that fights against such an illness.

Modderfontein to Harties Long Run

This year I want to run my best 90km and run it in memory of my uncle. I want to run on the 13th June 2021 for those that can’t, for those that have survived and for those that have passed, this includes my best friend’s mother recently diagnosed and for a close friend that has fought and beaten cancer once before.

My message to those who fighting cancer:

It is a horrible thing to go through, but there are always friends and family around to support you. There are strangers around that can share their stories, as people sometimes don’t talk about it until you open up, let’s say, sharing war stories. You are loved and will be missed by many, so don’t fight for yourself, but fight for your friends and family that will find it difficult without you in their lives.

Support My Run on GivenGain

You can make an online donation in support of my run here: – all proceeds will go to CANSA.