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Why CANSA Active?

CANSA Active promotes regular exercise and physical activity which play a major role in leading a healthy balanced lifestyle – aimed at reducing your cancer risk.

The lack of regular exercise and physical activity; overweight and obesity; combined with unhealthy dietary and social habits i.e. tanning, smoking and drinking, are all risk factors associated with heightened cancer risk.

CANSA Active advocates regular exercise and physical activity while being #SunSmart, for all South Africans, from pre-school toddlers to great grandparents; the fitness fanatic; serious athletes; group sport; family sport; social joggers; cyclist; runners; walkers and strollers. The motivation being that every bit of exercise contributes to health.  Read more.

CANSA Active chose the colour orange, for its identity, sportswear, gear and apparel. Orange represents energy and vibrancy – it ignites action and movement!  Orange is also a colour associated worldwide with caution. CANSA Active serves as reminder to reduce your cancer risk though exercise, physical activity and protection from the sun’s harmful rays.