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Non-stop Survivors – Fighting cancer, ONE stride at a time!

Rodney Reynders, a cancer survivor, along with his wife, Barbara, twin brother, Clive, and a few very close friends, are gearing up to run the Absa RUN YOUR CITY Durban 10K on Sunday, 7 July, in support of CANSA Active. Rodney’s decision to become a CANSA Active champion is deeply personal, driven by his own cancer journey and his desire to give back. This is his story:

“We’re all passionate about keeping fit and healthy, and walking / running is an activity that we all enjoy. My twin brother Clive had prostrate cancer early in 2020 and, after successful treatment, he has recovered fully – he’s a cancer survivor! Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, that had spread into my lungs, in August 2022.

The tumour on my kidney measured 81mm, and I had 24 spots in my lungs with one tumour measuring 11mm. This was a huge shock to me and my family, especially when one doctor told me that I had between 7 – 15 months to live.

I was extremely fortunate and blessed to be accepted onto a clinical trial for Immunotherapy treatment that started in September 2022. My treatment has gone extremely well, with the tumour on my kidney now being down to 46mm and the tumour on my lung is no longer visible. I’m extremely thankful to Dr Corlia Coetzee and her team at the Cape Town Oncology Trials Centre for their care and professional treatment over the past 20 months. We’re fighting this terrible disease.

I’ve tried to keep fit over the past 20 months, training at much lower intensity than before because of my cancer. Although I don’t have the strength and running ability as before, I’m determined to run this event with the support of my close family and friends who have ALL been with me since the start of my cancer journey started in 2022.

Our group of 5 know that we’re in running for a GOOD time, not a FAST time.

This is a very short summary of my journey so far… I still have cancer but, I’ll be fighting it ‘one stride at a time‘.”

Through their participation, Rodney and his team aim to raise awareness and funds for CANSA’s vital care and support programmes. Their dedication and determination embody the spirit of resilience and hope, inspiring others to join the fight against cancer.

Support Rodney and his team by cheering them on or making a donation to their cause: 

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.