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Rawson Celebrates 10 Years with the Fedhealth Impi Challenge

A partner of the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge since the event’s inception, both the Rawson Property Group and the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge will celebrate 10 awesome years of obstacle course racing in November!

“The Rawson Property Group is proud to admit that we have been an official obstacle sponsor of the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge since the event’s inception,” says Judy Pick, National Events Manager for the Rawson Property Group.  “As a company we are committed to wellness on multiple levels.  We believe that the IMPI Challenge is a great opportunity to get our colleagues, clients, family and friends involved in bettering themselves as a whole. We also use this event as a unique team building opportunity and encourage everyone to join in, whether to compete or to support from the side lines.”

“The event is so much fun and really challenges you,” continues Pick.  “I have seen people cross the finish line in tears, thinking that they would never be able to do it.  With a little self-affirmation and determination they finish with a different mind-set to when they started.  Whether racing or taking part as a team, the IMPI Challenge is a lot of fun.  The camaraderie between the entrants is phenomenal.  Each course is different with obstacles continuously being mixed up.  Not to be biased, but we really do enjoy the Rawson Wall and we cannot wait to take part in November.”

Revered both by elite and social entrants, the Rawson Wall boasts a height of 2.4m and is one of the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge’s most iconic obstacles.

All former winners of the Fedhealth IMPI Elite Race, Anele Bans, Trevor Lagerwey and Ashley Robinson hold the Rawson Wall in high esteem.

According to Bans, the Rawson Wall is one of his favourite obstacles.  “What is IMPI without the double Rawson Wall?  The technique I find more sufficient for me is to run towards the wall, take two quick steps on it before grabbing the top.  I then pull myself up in a form of a pull-up.  You definitely need to get used to pulling your body weight up.  I’d recommend pull-ups as key training for this obstacle.”

“Some say the Rawson Wall is intimidating, others say it’s impossible, I say bring it on,” laughs Lagerwey, owner of FITstrongSA.  “Technique is of utmost importance if you don’t have the upper body strength or someone to help pull you up and over.  If you don’t have either (upper body strength or a team member), then this obstacle is like riding a bike with no wheels.”

Robinson agrees that the Rawson Wall is a good mental challenge.  “It’s a great obstacle to start the race with as it forces you to focus fully.  If you properly prepare for this obstacle I believe that you will go over quickly.  My advice is to perfect your explosive jumps, work on your grip and timing.”

EVENT INFORMATIONFedhealth IMPI Challenge #3 (North West Province) and Fedhealth IMPI Challenge #4 (Stellenbosch)

A trail run with a twist, the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge encourages family involvement, healthy living and getting outdoors.  Entrants can expect an adrenaline pumping experience that will test fitness levels, challenge fears, but most importantly celebrate accomplishments.  

Date: IMPI Challenge: Venues:
Saturday, 06 October 2018 Fedhealth IMPI Challenge #3 Van Gaalens Gaalens Kaasmakerij (North West Province)
Saturday, 17 November 2018 Fedhealth IMPI Challenge #4 Wiesenhof Wildlife Park, Stellenbosch (Cape Town)

Categories to choose from when entering the Fedhealth IMPI Challenge:

Categories: Entry Fee:
1.       IMPI Elite:  18-20km with 26 tough obstacles (age 18+ years); timed event with prize money – Cape Town Only (Fedhealth IMPI Challenge #4) R550.00
2.       IMPI Corporate: the 10km Challenge distance with extra benefits (age 16+ years) R500.00
3.       IMPI Challenge:  10 – 12km with 18 obstacles (age 16+ years) R400.00
4.       IMPI Dash:  5km with 11 obstacles (ages 10+, all adults welcome) R300.00
5.       IMPI Mini:  1km with 8 smaller supervised obstacles (ages 6 – 10 years) R100.00

TEAM BUILDING MADE FUN:  Although the IMPI Challenge can be entered individually or as part of a team, to ensure that the most fun is had on the day, teamwork is encouraged!  The Fedhealth IMPI Challenge is the ideal team building exercise!

Each finisher (individual and/or team) will receive an official Fedhealth IMPI Challenge finisher photograph.

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