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CANSA Active ‘Pass the Baton’ Online Challenge

On the 7th April 2020 we celebrate World Health Day, and CANSA reminds you of the importance of staying active, despite lockdown limitations.

Research indicates that regular physical activity in combination with smart food and drink choices can help lower the risk for cancer and non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

We’d like to challenge you to keep you moving…

‘Pass the Baton’ Challenge

Based on the concept of the 4 x 100m Relay race, participants would need to do the following:

  1. A team captain will create an online fundraising activist page here: – simply click on ‘start fundraising’ to create your fundraising page.
  2. Name your page: CANSA Active ‘Pass the Baton’ Challenge – Team xxx
  3. The team captain will start off the race, and pass the baton to the next teammate.
  4. A leg of the race is completed by doing 100 repetitions of your favourite physical activity in lieu of running 100 m (if it takes you 2 days to do a demanding physical activity that’s fine)
  5. Once you have completed your 100 repetitions, you ‘pass the baton’ by making an online donation on the fundraising page – try to make a minimum donation of R50 – more is welcome of course!
  6. The last person to have ‘passed the baton’ needs to ensure that there is another teammate to ‘take the baton’ and continue the race. Keep athletes moving around the track!
  7. While in a 4 x 100m race there will only be 4 participants moving around the track, once – with this challenge as many people can move around the track, as you are able to motivate. See how many ‘athletes’ you are able to move around the track e.g. 4 participants = once; 8 participants = twice, etc.
  8. Share your photos or video your repetitions on your social media platforms and tag us using #CANSAactive #PassTheBaton to encourage others to keep moving for good health and to benefit cancer patients.