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Support our CANSA Active Virgin Active SA Ride Joburg Riders

19 November 2022: We are so proud of our CANSA Active cyclists riding to support CANSA this weekend at the Virgin Active SA Ride Joburg challenge! We wish them strong legs and lots of luck for their races!

These cyclists are doing what they love and being ambassadors for an active, balanced lifestyle which helps lower personal cancer risk, while raising much needed funds for CANSA’s education programmes to lower cancer risk and for support services to those affected by cancer.

Some of our cyclists participating below:

Zakithi Mgiliya, participant and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer Survivor, shares about her cancer journey and how cycling helped her through.

Says Zakithi, “One thing I have learned from this journey is that there are a handful of things that truly matter in anybody’s life. Identify those things and enjoy them because in the twinkle of an eye, your life can flip into the unimaginable. So, live like the breath you are taking now, is your last.”

Support Cyclists’ Online Fundraising Efforts:

Barry Porter:

Linga Naidoo:

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Basil Vere:

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Kern Oakes:

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Last weekend, Hailey Ross and Peter Maher competed in the Ride Joburg mountain biking challenge. Show your support for their efforts here:

Hailey Ross: